Poseidon's Court

Marvel at the underwater wonders of The Ambassador Lagoon while enjoying a delicious sandwich, ice cream or cake.

Poseidon's Court

Poseidon Cafe is the resort’s best spot to go to for a quick latte and a bite to eat. It offers guests a range of non-alcoholic beverages with an easy-going atmosphere to compliment the amazing views of the marine life inside the Ambassador Lagoon’s aquarium tank.


  • Snack bar offering signature sandwiches: BLT, club, subs, cakes, bakery, ice cream from ice cream pallet and milk shakes.
  • Freshly baked breakfast items during the day and high-end European traditional pastries and cakes.
  • An authentic Ice Cream counter with a wide selection of Ice Cream and gelato. Different style waffle cones and wide selection of colourful toppings.
  • Interactive service with some fun elements throughout the day.
  • American style seating with booths and smaller tables.
  • Beverage emphasize on a wide selection of milkshakes, flavoured carbonated

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