Plato's Lounge & Bar

Relax and be tempted by Plato's irresistible Hong Kong and French pastries, and wide selection of teas and wine.

Plato's Lounge & Bar

The chilled atmosphere of Plato’s Lobby Lounge caters for all occasions, guaranteeing spectacular views over the ocean and gardens below, premium tea, coffee and pastries in the afternoon, and dazzling live music performances in the evening. Guests can enjoy al fresco terrace for aperitive or after dinner serves.


  • A modern Lounge and Bar offering spectacular views over the terrace, gardens, pools and ocean. A relaxing environment to meet friends, pre or post dinner drink or enjoy afternoon tea or light lunch.
  • The concept will evolve around Hong Kong style pastries, an adaptation of western items turned local as well as classical French pastries.
  • These items can be complemented by some salty savory dishes such as: croissant ham and cheese croissant (similar to Starbucks offer), curry and chicken puffs (local Chinese adaptation) and take-away sandwiches.
  • Hong Kong style pastries to include: pineapple bun, cross bun, egg tart, filo pastries.
  • French classical pastries and cakes will also be on offering.
  • The service will be fast and simple, offering a wide selection of hot and cold coffees together with Chinese and international teas displayed in jars.
  • The adjacent bar will feature an international selection with wines and champagne by the glass. The main focus being coffees and different teas, mainly Chinese teas, but a selection from around the world.
  • There will be an elegant food display for the various type of pastries and savories for guest to view. These items would need to be regenerated in the back pantry by food server before serving them to guest.
  • This is the resident bar at the hotel area as such offer a wide range of international spirits and liqueurs (center bar feature) area also using in the glass, champagne and beer (bottle) during the morning the venue serves mainly hot beverage.
  • The back of the bar features bottle shelving and wine coolers.
  • Tea
  • Coffee – Hot & Cold
  • Small selection of Spirits / Liqueur
  • Wine & Champagne by the glass

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